The Story of FineLine Teas

FineLine Teas is the joint venture of mother & son team, Veronica & Frederick Findley. With the support of friends and family, and a desire to share their journey into the world of fine tea, this mother-son duo are working together to show that quality tea can easily be a positive part of everyday life.

Our story certainly does not begin or end with tea, but it is a passion and journey that we share together and hope to share with you.

fred and veronica findley


Our mission is to bring together the best tasting teas and the highest quality accessories in an environment that is inclusive and speaks to the average tea drinker.


  1. Only offer the best teas. Simply put.. if we don’t absolutely love it, we will never try to sell it.
  2. It is always about the tea and you… it is never about us.
  3. We want the FineLine Tea family to be inclusive… tea is for everyone; not just the experienced drinkers.


Our journey begins as an online / mobile retailer, but with your support and loyalty our goal is to realize our own American dream, and open our first tea bar in southwest PA that is unlike anything else that exists in the market today.

We look forward to serving you and continually improving upon our variety of tea and accessories, customer service, and learning materials as we move towards our dream each and every day.