How to Brew A Perfect Cup of Tea

05 Nov

how to brew teaWhether you are totally new to tea or an aficionado there is always the fun of the experimentation phase with any new tea that you try. Finding that ideal combination of how much tea to brew and how long to brew it is part of the experience of your tea.

In this blog I’m going to share how I discover the perfect brew for each tea that I drink. It’s a pretty simple approach and as always; if I can do it… anyone can.

Step 1 – Finding the Right Brew Time

My starting point is the quantity, one tea spoon of tea per cup that I intend to make. So, the first variable I begin with is finding the right length of time to brew the tea. I always start with the minimal amount of time suggested for that particular tea. If it’s a green tea with a suggested brew time of 2 – 3 minutes, I will start at 2 minutes.

If the minimal amount of brew time does not give me enough of the desired flavor I’m looking for, I increase the brew time by increments of 30 seconds.

If I can find my desired taste with 1 tea spoon and a particular amount of time… I’m done! If not, I move on to step 2.

Step 2 – Finding the Right Amount of Tea

If I increase my brew time and find that one tea spoon doesn’t cut it, then I begin to increase the amount of tea, usually by 1/2 tea spoon at a time. So now I essentially start over… 1.5 tea spoons at 2 minutes… then 2.5 minutes… then 3 minutes.

Usually at this point I’ll find my perfect brew somewhere in this combination.

Step 3 – Document

The great thing about tea is that even a high quality loose leaf tea goes a long way. It’s a healthy and affordable habit to have. However, once I find my perfect cup variables for a particular tea, I document the variables. I keep a small notepad with all my teas. That way the next time I order that tea I know exactly where to start. It also comes in handy to make a few notes; level of enjoyment, etc.


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