Pu-Erh Tea and Losing Weight

07 Dec

dr oz puerh teaLast year Dr. Oz featured guest, Bryce Wylde – an alternative medicine expert, to discuss the benefits of drinking tea, and specifically the benefits of drinking puerh tea.

Quote from Dr. Oz:

If you drink tea at the right time, and it’s the right kind of tea you can actually shrink fat cells.

Quote from Bryce Wylde:

Drinking the right tea at the right time of the day, it’s going to increase your energy and metabolism in the morning, reduce your stress come lunch time, the afternoon it’ll throw away and metabolize and get rid of fat, and in the evening it’s gonna be a craving killer for you.

The clip below is only a brief segment from the show that we came across on youtube, but highlights the science behind why puerh may be an aid towards weight loss.

Here’s a link to more of this segment on Dr. Oz’s website as they progress through other teas.

Puerh Tea and Losing Weight

Have you tried puerh tea and what has your experience with peurh tea been? Have you tried it as part of an effort to lose or maintain weight?

Personally, I love puerh tea. It’s a flavorful tea and can sometimes feel like a delicacy or dessert in the evening.

Let us know your thoughts on puerh tea and don’t forget you can browse our selection of puerh teas in our store.

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