Health Benefits of Green Tea

09 Dec

green tea health benefitsThe other day I came across an online news article about a possible lawsuit against the company, Honest Tea, regarding claims that the amount of flavonoids being advertised on the company’s Honey Green Tea bottles may be significantly less than what they are advertising.

I’m not a lawyer and I am really not interested in the legal matters of the lawsuit, rather I take notice on the growing importance of green tea and its health benefits, and just as importantly, an ever growing market of intelligent consumers. It’s you… and other educated consumers of tea and health that is creating an opportunity in which advertising the level of ‘flavonoids’ in a beverage has an impact on purchasing decisions.

We’re not going to dive into all the specifics and science behind green tea in this post, but I merely wanted to point out that even readily available consumer green teas are selling the science along with the tea. There is a lot of tremendously positive information available and we’ll continue to share and watch as further research continues.

If you’re unfamiliar with some of the general points about WHY green tea is good for your health, let’s provide some good starting points.

This article found on provides a good overview on some of the benefits towards healthy cells and a healthy heart as well as green tea’s role in helping with diabetes and weight loss. And that’s not all.

This quick and concise video below covers these and some additional benefits of green tea.

As always, we suggest doing your research and be careful not to believe EVERYTHING you read online. But, while you are doing your research, some of the terms you will come across and should become familiar with are;

  • polyphenols, free radicals and anti-oxidants
  • catechins
  • EGCG
  • flavonoids

Have you found any interesting or helpful content on green tea and its health related benefits? Please feel free to share below in the comments section.

And once again, we are not doctors or physicians so always be sure to check with yours ( view our disclosure ).


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