How to Make Iced Tea from Loose Leaf Tea

09 Dec

iced teaYou can make iced tea from loose leaf tea AND I can do it with any of my favorite teas?

You can, and in this brief post we’re going to unravel the mystery and tell you HOW to do it.

So there’s TWO basic ways you can go about this:

METHOD 1 = Hot Brew then Chill

Basically with this method, you’re going to brew your tea like you normally would by starting hot. The only exception is that you’re going to increase your amount of tea as well as steeping it longer. Why? Well, you essentially want to strengthen your brew because you’re going to add to a pitcher with ice later thereby diluting it. So essentially, brew strong, then chill.

Benefit = quicker results than cold brew

METHOD 2 = Cold Brew

With this method, you’ll allow your tea to brew directly in the cold water. However, with this method it’s going to take significantly longer… like 4 – 8 hours longer. So typically with this method, you can either begin your cold brew before going to bed so it’s ready for the next day, or you can make before going to work so it’s ready when you get home.

Benefit = cold brew can bring out more sweetness from the leaves and avoid the bitter taste of the leaves

Notes About Making Iced Tea

  1. When making iced tea from loose leaf tea, most teas will work, but of course some are better suited for becoming iced tea such as herbals, blacks, and rooibos though you can find great blended whites and greens that become wonderful iced teas.
  2. If you’re planning to sweeten your tea with sugar, you may prefer the hot brewing method and you will want to add the sugar while it’s brewing so the sugar dissolves in the hot water

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Do you have any favorite iced tea recipes? Do share!


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