Refuge – My Experience of Escape

24 Feb

refuge tea escapeThis month I am so excited to introduce our latest FineLine Teas blend; Refuge.

This blend embodies all the reasons I fell in love with tea.

I own and operate a full-time, year-round wedding business in Greensburg, PA working with approximately 150+ couples getting married each year. If you have ever been married or planned a wedding, I’m sure you can recall all the stress that comes along with planning such a large, important event. Now just try to imagine my day to day lifestyle of handling 150+ weddings in a year.

It was Mother’s Day 2013 when I visited a victorian style tea house in our town. On that day I found an escape from my worries. It was the tea. The warmth, the aroma, the excitement, and the calming properties. It was love at first sip… and I fell in love hard. Pretty soon I was drinking tea every day after work. I couldn’t wait to just drive straight home after a long day at the office, fire up the electric water kettle and find refuge with a hot cup of tea.

Tea saved me and pretty quickly I decided I had to figure out a way to share my experience.

This month we released our Refuge tea and the blend absolutely embodies that feeling of escape I looked for all those evenings after work. If you need to find escape… if you need to find your refuge… I hope you give this blend a try and share in a similar experience as I do with each and every cup.

Click here to explore our REFUGE blend tea.

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