Tea Gifting

23 Feb

tea gift basketWho doesn’t enjoy giving or receiving a gift? Occasions for gift giving abound throughout the course of the year. There are the holidays, birthdays, congratulations, thank you, get well and thinking of you to cite a few occasions to gift. Some gifts can be planned ahead but there are the spur of the moment occasions that you want to acknowledge and celebrate.

Have you thought about “Tea Gifting?” Tea is not only for your own enjoyment but a great idea for gift giving. I always keep extra tins of tea on hand for a celebratory event. You can gift a tea drinker with a new variety of tea or with their favorite tea. For a novice tea drinker, treat them to one of your favorites. Introduce a coffee drinker to the pleasures and health benefits of tea.

The gift can be a single tin of tea. You can continue to build upon this depending on the amount you wish to spend. It can be a variety of several teas perhaps a green, white, and herbal tea or one tea with a sweetener (rock sugar, honey etc.).

For a calorie free valentine’s gift to those loved ones or friends on a diet treat them to a dessert tea blend with subtle hints of chocolate or a bolder chocolate flavor. Try adding a red infuser mug or stump tea pot with infuser. With St Patrick’s Day approaching, you can select a green tea or Irish breakfast tea alone ( or browse all our irish themed teas and accessories ). If you are looking for an accompaniment, then think about adding an Irish Blessing Mug, a green infuser mug or a green stump tea pot. Try an Irish tea with tea cookies or a scone mix.

For a friend, relative or neighbor ill with a cold or flu, create a get well package with homemade chicken noodle soup and an herbal tea in a gift bag. For the person on the go, we offer the activiTEA On the Go Infuser, Folding Handle Tea Infuser with Carrying Case, and the t-sac infusers ( all of which are great gift ideas).

Yes, you can purchase vast assortments of prepared tea gift baskets online or in specialty shops. The really nice ones can be expensive. However, the real fun is to create and customize a basket for a friend, relative or coworker. I usually have a theme in mind and then start pulling all the articles together. I always have a few items on hand to start the basket. During the year, I purchase the baskets, filler, and ribbons on clearance or at the dollar stores. One Christmas, I made baskets with Bath and Body Works aromatherapy shower gels and lotions (stress relief, energy or sleep) and selected a tea to compliment them. Make your own gift tags and bows.

Instead of an Easter basket with chocolates and other candies, start off by filling with dessert teas and other items that the receiver may like. After Easter, start thinking about incorporating tea into a Mother’s Day gift.

When thinking about gifts, consider teas. Use your imagination and be creative. Customize it to the recipient. The possibilities for a tea gift are endless permutations.

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” ~Bill Keane

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  1. Marie cingle February 24, 2014 at 4:38 pm #

    The chest and tea tins were an awesome gift. The wooden chest was filled with various tins of high quality teas. When company comes they can choose which tea they would like. Or, they can try several.

    This would make an excellent gift for the tea lover.

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