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Our Recent Local Tea Tasting Event

22 Apr
local tea tasting event

A local tea tasting event  took place in the McCarl Coverlet Gallery at Saint Vincent College. Fred Findley, owner of Fineline Teas, brought his wealth of knowledge and quality of teas and accessories to the event for guests to enjoy. The event brought people from all around the local community; seniors, families, and students, although […]

Tea Gifting

23 Feb
tea gift basket

Who doesn’t enjoy giving or receiving a gift? Occasions for gift giving abound throughout the course of the year. There are the holidays, birthdays, congratulations, thank you, get well and thinking of you to cite a few occasions to gift. Some gifts can be planned ahead but there are the spur of the moment occasions […]

Health Benefits of Green Tea

09 Dec
green tea

The other day I came across an online news article about a possible lawsuit against the company, Honest Tea, regarding claims that the amount of flavonoids being advertised on the company’s Honey Green Tea bottles may be significantly less than what they are advertising. I’m not a lawyer and I am really not interested in […]

Pu-Erh Tea and Losing Weight

07 Dec
dr oz puerh tea

Last year Dr. Oz featured guest, Bryce Wylde – an alternative medicine expert, to discuss the benefits of drinking tea, and specifically the benefits of drinking puerh tea. Quote from Dr. Oz: If you drink tea at the right time, and it’s the right kind of tea you can actually shrink fat cells. Quote from […]

Enjoying Tea In Ireland

20 Nov
ireland castle leslie tea

Last week I returned to Ireland for my second visit in the past two years. This time I was determined to enjoy some wonderful tea during my trip and write about my experiences. My first opportunity for a hot cup of tea was actually during my second evening at the Cottesmore bed and breakfast in […]